Sunday, February 05, 2023



 In todays world we see a lot of requests from the Information Technology community for modernization of their current applications to comply with new IT standards.

Through our Modernize IT platform we connect domain experts, partners and system integrators. Our services are following a proven process model for all phases of a transformation project from the inventory, proof of value (POV), to operation in the Azure Cloud (IaaS). This is the start of the digital transformation.

We offer a proven methodology for digital transformation. This is an example for Mainframe / Midrange transformation:

The Modernize IT team                                                                                                                                 Bernhard_Düchting.JPG

  • More than 40 years experience with Legacy Transformation                                                              Bernhard Düchting M.Sc.
  • Mainframe / Midrange Champ with Oracle Corporation and Microsoft                                             Tel. +49 151 4406 3667
  • Network with system integrators and migration partners
  • Trusted Advisor for customers on governance, security and hybrid integration